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The lab is always looking for dedicated students that are interested in learning new techniques and producing high-quality, publishable research. No previous lab or coding experience is required; but, willingness to learn is essential. Check the news section of the website found in the home section for advertised positions or see below for more details.


Once the lab space is set up, undergraduate research opportunities will be available for the ongoing research projects in the lab. We welcome independent research ideas involving biomechanics, functional morphology, and organismal biology. To participate in research for credit, make sure that you are eligible and enroll in BIO 491. If you are interested in participating in research in the lab, please send an email to Dr. Rosario. Make sure to attach an unofficial transcript, resume/cv, and a statement discussing what you find most exciting about the research performed in this lab.

Master's Students

West Chester University offers Master's Degrees in Biology, with or without a thesis. For more information about this degree, click here. Email Dr. Rosario with a cv and cover letter that discusses your interest in the lab and career goals.